32 Pre-Service Training Hours

Pre-service training is required for all foster families as a part of the licensing process. These trainings, offered by Crossroads Youth Services trainers, provide unique insights into the process of becoming a foster family, the situations these families encounter, solutions to typical problems, the emotional aspects of being a foster family and many other topics important for those preparing to foster. Crossroads Youth Services is excited to offer you FREE on-line training in the convenience of your home!

Prospective foster parents (married couples, roommates) are required to complete 32 hours of training prior to licensure. In order to complete this training, you must complete the Pre-Screening Process (Step 1) and have turned in your BCI application (Step 2) to Crossroads Youth Services. Once you have completed both of these steps, you may request the password to continue on to Pre-Service On-line Training.

**Note, If you are transferring from a different agency or Utah Foster Care Foundation your completed training hours can be applied. Proof is required.

Provided Services Before? Please Read.

R501-12-4.7a-c Reapplication: A previously licensed or certified foster home is subject to the same requirements as an initial application, with the following exceptions:

(a) Each applicant shall disclose all previous foster care licenses and certifications, including those outside the State of Utah.

(b)  Previously licensed homes shall request a written reference from the DCFS region, or out-of-state equivalent, where they last held a foster care license to be sent directly to the Office of Licensing or Agency. Previously certified homes shall request a written reference letter from the last agency where they were certified, and every agency they have been certified by within the past 3 years, to be sent directly to the Office of Licensing or Agency.

(c) Each applicant shall sign releases of information for any agency where they previously provided certified or licensed foster care.