If you have a desire to help children, becoming a foster parent may be perfect for you There is a huge need for foster parents in Utah! Providing a stable, structured home environment for a child in need can be a life changing experience for both you and the child.

Years ago children who were taken out of their homes due to abuse or neglect were placed in foster homes with the expectation of finding a long-term placement. However, things have changed, these days the focus is family reunification. This means that foster care is a temporary solution to provide a safe, structured, nurturing environment for the child while issues in the home are resolved. Some family issues take 6-9 months to resolve, while others will never be resolved and a child will stay in foster care until they are 21, every child’s case different.

Often foster children are looked at as problem children, when in fact these children are just like any other children. Sure, they may be troubled, scared and unsure due to the circumstances in their home, but these children are being placed in your home to provide them with safety and supervision.

Some have been neglected or abused and it will take a little more time to help them feel safe and wanted. You will want to take time to help them understand the rules in your home.


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